Take Your Football Index Trading to the Next Level

The Index Scholar Academy aims to serve as the ultimate learning resource, player scouting centre and performance analysis tool for Football Index traders. Sign up via the link below today!

Here's What We Do

Football Index newcomers can acquaint themselves with the ins and outs of the platform, such as buying and selling players, match days, trackers and initial player offerings

Learn about the underlying value of footballers on the index (i.e. dividends) and discover the key footballing statistics that will help to supercharge your profits

Unearth the talent destined for moves and future-proof your trading portfolio with the latest player transfer speculation from across the top 5 European leagues

Use Our Knowledge and Trading Experience to Amplify YOUR Profits

The idea for Index Scholar was born after personally experiencing the difficulties of trading on the Football Index as a newcomer.

One of the biggest challenges is the serious influence that the Football Index Twitter and YouTube communities have on the newbies, who are often lured into potentially loss making "pump and dump" type trades. That doesn't mean these communities are harmful however, as they do offer a plethora of useful and engaging content.

 This is where Index Scholar intends to make a difference,  by providing objective advice and guidance without any hidden biases or agendas. We also look to impart traders - both new and experienced - with valuable market knowledge and insights that, if used in the right contexts, can make the profitable trades regular occurrences. 

Football Index 

  • Buy, hold and sell virtual shares in footballers playing within Europe's top 5 leagues and beyond 
  • Win dividends via performance buzz for each playing category and general player performance on the pitch 
  • Earn payouts for owning players that feature frequently within the media


  • Buy, hold and sell cards in footballers playing within the English Premier League
  • Win dividends through fantasy football skill-based tournaments and battles  
  • Acquire more cards and improve your collection through the exiting statistical roulette games