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Which Football Index Forum Is Best? An Honest Assessment in 2021

Last Updated on February 11, 2021 by Samuel Waihenya

It should go without saying that any person with a financial stake in any sort of market or medium will naturally gravitate towards wanting to know the prevailing opinion about that very market or medium.

It’s only human nature to want to safeguard your outlay and gain any sort of insight that can elevate your return on investment.

The aforementioned point rings true for the majority of Football Index traders.

With the internet being such a vast place, communities of people who share an interest in the platform are able to come together and create an environment where lots of useful information is shared, and where lots of enthralling debates about players and teams can be had.

It makes for interesting reading, especially if you’re like me who takes part in the discussion on all of these vibrant communities.

But not everyone has an abundance of time or the inclination to want to be a part of all these Football Index forums and, for some, it may come to the difficult choice of having to pick one medium to follow and stick with.

So, these kinds of people will obviously want to choose the best forum to be on, which is perfectly fine!

Therefore, in this article I’m going to be taking a look at the best Football Index forums available on the internet.

But before I cover the specific discussion portals, I’ll start by talking about what makes a good forum… good!

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What qualities does a good discussion forum have?

Let’s face it, not all forums are created equally.

There are many different things that separate the forums that get massive user engagement and lots of discussion from the ones that are the living embodiment of rolling tumbleweed.

So, here are a few factors that distinguish the best forums from the rest…


Simple User Interface

It’s no good having the brightest minds and the savviest traders come together to the party if the dancefloor is wrecked or if the disco lights are broken!

Football Index Forum - Simple User Interface

A good Football Index forum will therefore have an interface that consists of necessary elements that are logical and concise, making it easy enough to use for the average joe, all whilst enabling the end user to interact with it by communicating meaning and function.

At the same time, a quality forum usually provides its users with the option to tailor their own community experience, particularly with features like:

  • Image galleries that for allow photo and video uploads
  • Calendars for things like community events
  • Download managers to share documents and files
  • Gamification via the use of customizable reactions (i.e. emojis), reputation systems, leader boards and customizable notifications


Sufficient Moderation

A forum without moderation is like being in a crowded city market with everyone trying to sell their wares at the same time.

Football Index Forum - Sufficient Moderation

Every community has a few rotten apples so to speak, and having a few rules and regulations in place to keep things orderly and in check is absolutely necessary.

Good forum software should have moderation capabilities built in and would only require a few disciplined fellas to actually implement things like comprehensive warning systems, content-level notices and bad word and link filtering.


Culturally Diverse Member Base

What would a community be without the people that engage and participate within it?

Football Index Forum - Cultural Diversity

The last thing a potential forum joiner would want is to find themselves smack in the middle of an echo chamber, with a vocal section of the userbase pushing a biased or heavily skewed narrative into each and every discussion.

Diversity usually breeds good quality, engaging discussion, and many people will want to be part of a community that best exemplifies these characteristics.

With all that said, I’m now going to talk about each of the dedicated Football Index forum options in turn.

Let’s get started…


1. Football Index – Official Forum

There’s no better place to start than the Football Index’s own forum.

Football Index Forum - Official Forum

It’s got 5 different topic categories (see image above) which makes it easy to look for specific discussions based on their relevance.

It also provides the option for users to receive notifications when they’re tagged in posts or comments or when they’ve had their post or comment upvoted by a fellow member.

They’ve also got a reputation system and individual user profiles for each participant, along with a basic post search functionality and direct messaging system.


  • Easy for users to sort through discussions as topics are sectioned into dedicated categories
  • Each post a user creates is part of its own thread, which again makes discussion sorting and searching easier
  • Lack of dedicated forum moderation makes it easier for discussions to quickly pivot from their starting point and lose topical relevance
  • Interface is quite buggy and users often report having problems with logging in
  • Poor search functionality as search bar doesn’t usually pick up posts or comments accurately enough based on the input criteria


2. Discord – The Forum. Changed.

This forum was created when a group of members from the official Football Index forum grew tired of posts descending into personal squabbles between subsections of the userbase.

Football Index Forum - Discord

As a result of the lack of moderation on the official forum, these users ventured out and created a Discord channel which is where they now host their own, very vibrant forum.

I can confirm this as I am personally a part of the 200 or so members who make up this small Football Index forum community.

The numbers are slowly growing as well, as there are quite a few very knowledgeable traders who have made the Discord group their new home base.

You can see from the image above that each category is split into a number of different sub topics, which allows for much more granular levels of debate.


  • Very knowledgeable user base as members who formed this group branched off from the official forum together
  • Discord app is very slick and intuitive with great gamification options like customizable reactions, GIF uploads, etc.
  • Entry in to the group is done on an invite only basis, which is a good way of moderation in itself as members must be pre-screened
  • As there are no singular post threads, finding particular discussions via search is difficult if not impossible, as each channel is just a single comment chain


3.  Reddit – r/FootballIndex

Next up we have good old Reddit.

The Football Index subreddit has 2,575 members at the time of writing.

Users are allowed to submit text or link posts, and within each post subreddit members can add to the discussion by way of individual comments.

Reddit has an upvote and downvote system which sees highly voted contributions featuring at the top, with the negatively voted comments hidden at the very bottom.

It’s one of Reddit’s own ways of regulating discussion, as people are encouraged to upvote things that they think are helpful, whilst downvoting comments that don’t contribute to the topic at hand.


  • Moderators are able to pin useful or important content like beginner’s guides at the top of the forum, which is useful for new community users who want to gain a better understanding of the platform
  • It’s not a very active community, with very little new content being posted on a regular basis
  • Lacks traditional forum functionality such as gamification elements like user badges, reputation systems, leader boards, etc.


4. Slack App – Index Gain Community Forum

Index Gain is a Football Index data provider that has carved out a solid reputation in the Football Index space for providing a multitude of different football statistics that traders can utilise for their own portfolio management.

Football Index Forum - Index Gain Community

As a former premium member, I must say that their full feature set – which I discussed in another article – is quite impressive for the £8 monthly price point.

I can also attest to the fact that their forums are quite active, with a fun userbase that love the service.

They use the Slack mobile application to host their forum.

However, unlike the other Football Index forum options I’ve discussed before, Index Gain requires a subscription to access some parts of the forum, as there are certain slack channels that are only accessible for Index Gain premium members.

It’s important to remember though that the Index Gain forums are intended as a value add.

The core offering that a subscriber is paying for with them is access to their data feeds and the wealth of statistics available.


  • Slack app is very slick and intuitive with great gamification options like customizable reactions, GIF uploads, etc.
  • Diverse community of members which makes discussions quite entertaining
  • Slack use can be a bit of a learning curve, particularly for a new user
  • You need to have a premium subscription to access some of the best Slack channels like the dedicated matchday channel


5. Twitter – Football Index Hashtag

And last but not least, we have the Football Index Twitter hashtag.

This is not a Football Index forum in the traditional sense, as it’s part of the overall social media juggernaut that is Twitter.

Through hashtags, users are able to have specific discussions on topics of their choice.

And as part of Twitter itself, users can connect with clubs, players and journalists on a personal level.

This is partly because social media has become a part of the way in which media celebrities and big institutions conduct their business in today’s world.


  • Twitter itself is one of, if not the fastest place to get transfer news and player injury updates
  • When market sentiment is positive, the Football Index Twitter community camaraderie is great fun with users able to share a wide variety of memes, videos and images easily and quickly
  • No real organisation of topic threads, as post and comments under the hashtag with no categorisation options available
  • No community moderation whatsoever, apart from official Twitter support themselves. This often leads to users abusing each other after differences in opinion


Final Recommendation

It’s a tough one to call if I’m being perfectly honest.

It would have to be a toss up between the official forum and the recently created Discord channel for me.

The official forum provides the organisation and categorisation that forums are renowned for having, but lacks direct moderation from the Football Index which would amplify its appeal even further.

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The Discord channel is great in the sense that new traders can draw on the expertise and experience of the seasoned traders who formed the group in the first place.

But on the other hand, it doesn’t have as many members as some of the other communities, although the numbers will increase with time.

Another slight drawback with the Discord is the difficulty in searching for posts on particular topics, due to the fact that the app functionality isn’t really catered towards having detailed discussions.

It’s built to be more like a casual chat room.

Reddit is one I wouldn’t be keen to jump on if I were a new user, as it’s not very active from both a userbase and content perspective.

I’d also be put off by the Index Gain forum due to the fact that I’d have to pay a monthly fee for access to the best parts of it.

And when it comes to Twitter, the less that I have to say about it, the better.

It’s a place where users can get torrents of abuse slung at them if they post something that goes against the overwhelming chain of thought.

Additionally, there is no real organisation to threads that fall under the Football Index hashtag, making it less than ideal when you’re looking for certain topics or discussions.

So ultimately, there isn’t really a clear-cut winner here, but if I had to pick one ahead of all the others, I would have to go for the official forum.

Despite its lack of moderation and its roughness around the edges with technical bugs and lack of modern features, it provides all the core functionality you would want in a traditional internet discussion forum.

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