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April 6


Football Index Media Buzz and the Capital Appreciation Game: A Bruno Fernandes Case Study

Last Updated on April 15, 2021 by Samuel Waihenya

Before I begin to drool all over Bruno Fernandes as a Football Index prospect, it’s important to go back to the starting point and the reason why I’m writing the article…

Football Index media buzz!

Usually referred to as media dividends, these exciting payouts offer another lucrative way for traders to earn money on the revolutionary sports betting platform.

If you’re new to the Football Index and you’re reading this article I can bet you’re probably wondering…


What is football index media buzz?

I talked about this subject in immense depth in my Football Index explained article, but I’ll just quote what it all boils down to below so that you can get up to speed quickly.

Football Index uses RSS feeds that scour the web for news from UK newspapers and then awards points to footballers based on article mentions. So for instance, Harry Kane could receive media points for being mentioned in an article about a transfer to Manchester Untied that was written by the BBC.

So in essence, media mentions from any of the Football Index’s approved media buzz sources will accrue points towards the overall media score for the player that the articles mention.

By downloading this reliability guide you'll receive:

  • A comprehensive list of worldwide media sources for 11 of Europe's most popular football clubs; allowing you to filter the unreliable media sources from the dependable ones... 
  • A 6 point tier of reliability ranking system that gives you the confidence to effectively execute "buy on the rumor and sell on the news" type trades...
  • A backbone of high quality references which you can use to verify the accuracy of the tier rankings for each media source...

Another important rule to be aware of are that only a player’s full name counts towards media scoring – although this is likely to change in the upcoming media review.

In addition to this, any news that relates to illegal activity does not get credited and the Football Index reserves the right to remove the offending articles if it deems that it is necessary.


What are the current payouts for media winners?

At the moment, media dividends are paid out to the winners as follows:

football index media buzz - dividend winner payouts

This payout structure is set to change in the next few days as there is a wide scale review of dividends about to be undertaken.

I’m now going to take this opportunity to answer three of the most frequently asked questions about media buzz.

Let’s start with the first…


Where can I view dividend winner history?

There are three data providers that you can use to discover media buzz winner player history:

  • Footy Index Scout
  • Football Index Edge
  • IndexGain

The first option – Footy Index Scout – is free of charge. All you need to do is sign up for an account on their website and you can view past winners here.

You can see what this page looks like from the screenshot I’ve included below:

football index media buzz - past winner history

The other two choices – Football Index Edge and IndexGain – require a paid subscription to access the player history data.

And onto the second question…


When is the media buzz deadline?

For this I’ll simply quote the answer from Football Index’s very own academy website:

Media Dividends are paid out on Shares bought before a daily deadline of 15:00 (London time). Winnings are paid out between 23:59:59 pm (London time) and 03:00 am (London time) on the day after the Media Dividends were won. To win, you’ll need to hold the footballer until you’ve been credited with your Media Dividends.

Football Index Academy

And finally…


Who are the top media buzz players on Football Index?

The top performing media buzz players on the Football Index are the most popular and widely known football players in the real world.

This includes players like:

  • Neymar
  • Paul Pogba
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Lionel Messi

With the upcoming media review, I can expect Neymar to be one of the kost sought after players on the platform, as his dividend history with regard to media speaks for itself.

As of the time of writing – 7th of July 2020 – Neymar is approaching the £10 mark at a price per share £9.71. I expect the dividend announcement will see him fly past that barrier.


Bruno Begins to Take Charge

Now the dust finally appears to have settled on Bruno Fernandes’ £47 million (potentially rising to £67.6 million) transfer to Manchester United. The Portuguese midfielder, signed from Sporting CP in the January transfer window, looked to have brought an average looking Pogba-led Manchester United side back to footballing life.

However, as we are all aware, that was cut short as a result of the ongoing coronavirus crisis which has impacted the world so suddenly. I send my thoughts and condolences to the families that have lost loved ones in the past few weeks.

Just before the pandemic really reared its ugly head, Manchester United looked like a side that were beginning to click into gear, with Ole Gunnar Solsjkjaer’s men amassing 8 victories from a total of 11 games played from the end of January, scoring a scintillating 27 goals in the process.

The revival in form and the renewed confidence that the squad has shown more recently could largely be attributed to Bruno’s arrival and the way he settled into Utd’s attacking midfield so well.

He had a quiet debut against Wolves at Old Trafford, but after that game… boy oh boy what a player we all witnessed.

Bruno begun to take command of Utd’s midfield with a confidence and exuberance that the Manchester United fans haven’t’ seen in a long while. You could also clearly see his ability to lift his team mate’s performance levels, as Fred has recently looked well worth the reported £47m Manchester United splurged on him last season.

And frankly speaking, Fred was absolutely dreadful earlier on in his United career.

What’s more astounding however, is the fact that if we now zoom out of our football spectacles and place our focus on Bruno Fernandes on the Football Index, there is a lot to love.


As Cheap As Chips

Let’s start by taking a look at Bruno’s 1 year price graph…

Simply astounding…

A very nice upward trending line graph illustrating that in the past year, you could have picked up a Bruno share for as little as £1.64!

Congratulations to the early adopters on that one.

And you can also see that within the past year he attained a staggering peak price of £10.53 a share!

The impact of a player signing for Manchester United cannot be overlooked.

Obviously we have the benefit of hindsight, but let me illustrate this further…

You have a player that you could have realistically picked up at £2.50 at some point in the last year, heck… let’s even take that figure higher to £3.50.

Say you bought just 100 shares in Bruno for £350 and sold at near peak, for instance when he hit the magical £10 a share. That amounts to a total profit after commission of £980!!

That’s nearly a grand!

And this figure doesn’t even take into account all the Football Index media buzz dividends that he won within that time period!

This just shows you how amazing this platform can be at times. If you can manage to spot a player and get a rise out of them like that, you’ll surely be laughing all the way to the bank.

By the way, for those that struggle with calculating profit after commission, there’s a handy app available on the iOS App Store called Footy Index Calculator.

It lets you input your buy price, sell price, number of shares and dividends received and calculates the profit for you at the touch of a button.

Really handy.

Anyway, back to the original point of this post which is…


Why the Massive Upward Trajectory in Bruno?

That’s right.

I can personally attest to not managing to get on the Bruno bandwagon at a measly £2.50 a share.

And I saw with my very own eyes as he climbed all the way past £10!

I know, I was gutted.

But the money making opportunities are plenty which is why I’m not too disappointed in missing out.

Well actually I am but you get the point 🙂

Having fallen into the trap of purchasing on the back of a large rise before, I was always wary of purchasing Bruno, especially after he surpassed £5 a share once his move to Manchester United was confirmed.

There was an amazing bit of research conducted by one of Football Index’s forum members which pointed out that players tend to peak before their transfer and then decline afterwards, before rising again much later on in time.

The post cited players like Aaron Wan Bissaka, De Ligt, Harry Maguire, Fred and Aaron Ramsey whose prices initially declined after sealing their transfers to their current clubs.

This was why I and a number of others simply refused to buy into Bruno upon his confirmation.

After all, we are all in this game to make profit, and a number of traders would have been sitting on substantial profit figures already.

It was simply too risky for my liking, especially with a smallish portfolio.

But Bruno proved me and a lot of others wrong as his price just continued to climb over time.

And the answer as to why he continued his ascent to the top of the platform I believe lies partially in the Football Index media buzz dividends that he amassed.

For a more detailed look at dividends and the ins and outs of the index, have a read of this great blog post I wrote.

Now take a look at this…

Image courtesy of Index Gain
football index media buzz - bruno rampant
Image courtesy of Index Gain

Look at all the media dividends Bruno was swallowing up when the football was on!

And his media dividend yield was not too shabby either…

football index media buzz - bruno media yield
Image courtesy of Index Gain

This just shows the importance of football index media buzz dividends.


Football Index Media Buzz – Its Supposedly Declining Influence

Before the pandemic fully took hold of our lives, market sentiment on media buzz appeared to have waned.

This was especially evident when Football Index decided to open up media buzz eligibility to the entire index.

It was a move that wasn’t met particularly well, as despite the Index’s effort to show traders that the big guns won’t be majorly affected by the change, it was clearly not the same.

The winners were starting to become less predictable.  

Players like Pogba (injured at the time) were being regarded as “dead holds” by some.

However, as the January window opened and the rumours of Fernandes joining United begun to pick up steam, the media buzz dividends begun to roll in. And when the pay-outs gathered pace, the capital appreciation followed.

In fact after this very transfer, I made a note to myself that as soon as there is concrete evidence of a high profile player expecting to sign for Manchester United, I will buy in immediately.

The reason why, especially for the newer traders reading this who may not be aware, is that when it comes to transfers, Manchester United take so long to get deals over the line.

It often goes like this…


A Chairman with a Strange Strategy

Ed Woodward and his team usually try to haggle the price down at the early stage of transfer negotiations as some sort of clever tactic (or so they think), that will see the selling club become desperate to sell the player as the deadline draws near.

When United then realise that the sellers aren’t budging, they end up splashing for the player anyway and often end up paying more than what they were originally bargaining for!

It happened with Harry Maguire last season when Leicester reportedly demanded roughly £70 million during Mourinho’s time in charge. He ended up signing for £80 million!

It also happened with Bruno himself!

United were in for him last summer and were quoted a fee of £39 million at the time.

And look at the price that they ended up paying.

So make a note, Ed Woodward takes his sweet time.

This in itself is a good thing, as the more the “will he sign? won’t he sign” stories come out, the more Football Index media buzz dividends the player in question can expect to win, as the papers lap up any news of United trying to sign a mega star.

A number of other stars also aligned for Bruno…


Getting Into Gear on the Pitch

After his goal less and assist less performance against Wolves in his debut match, Bruno followed that up with an assist against Chelsea and only a cameo against Club Brugge in the Europa League where he didn’t find the target either.

After the Europa League clash, his price fell to £4.88.

I distinctively remember this because I was beginning to contemplate buying in at this point, as his price was falling to what I would call an acceptable level for investment.

I just wanted him to hit near £4.60 and I would have found a way to grab 100 shares.

But he never hit that imaginary price point.

The “rocket” launched at home against Watford. In a resounding 3-0 victory, Bruno scored the opening (and game winning) goal from the penalty spot and assisted Mason Greenwood for the 3rd goal.

He was declared man of the match and got a 9.5 rating on SofaScore.

Here are his some of his stats for that game…

He won the media buzz dividends for that day (3p per share), top midfielder dividends (8p per share) and star man dividends (another 8p per share). In the space of one match day, he brought in 19p dividends!

That’s more than some players on the index will win in their whole playing careers!

From that game, the rest is simply history.

His impressive performances on the pitch were translating into performance buzz wins and the media were loving it too, meaning even more dividends in the form of media buzz. And in and of itself, dividends bring the much loved capital appreciation.

I saw his price hit £7.

Then £8.

Another game, another world class performance.


He was absolutely RAKING the dividends in.

Honestly, despite being on the Index for only less than year, I hadn’t seen anything like it. Unfortunately I missed the Messi and Ronaldo dominance of years past on the platform but this was still something else.


Introducing COVID -19

And then something no one was expecting to happen, ended up happening.

Coronavirus struck.

Games were being postponed left, right and centre.

Eventually all the European Leagues were suspended and that left us with no matches to look forward to.

But one thing still remained…

Football Index media dividends!

When the football wasn’t on, Bruno was still making the headlines, albeit for a brief period before the likes of Sancho and Pogba took over the media helm.

Another thing that happened was Football Index increasing spreads across the whole platform.

This meant people would have to take a massive hit to withdraw their money at a time of uncertainty. So naturally, traders begun to look for a safe place to put their money in while the games were off.

You didn’t even have to look further than Bruno Fernandes initially.

And it’s true, as he hit a peak of £10.53, making it one of the most spectacular investments that I never made.

But following it from inception was a blast I must say.

Well done to all the holders, well done to all those who got on after the transfer was confirmed, and a mighty well done to those who have already banked the profits.

Now we just have to try and find the next Bruno before it happens!


Looking Beyond

Seeing Bruno’s rise prompted me to look at some of the players that United could potentially sign.

I immediately pinpointed Declan Rice as a prime candidate.

As we saw with Bruno, a transfer to Manchester United can be a goldmine. The Woodward hesitation and United media love combine to make a media dividend magnet, and the resulting capital appreciation can generate huge profits.

Before coronavirus kicked off, West Ham were looking like getting relegated and Declan Rice was a player who I believed wouldn’t settle for playing Championship football next season.

At 21 years old, Rice is young, he is English and featured in a number of Gareth Southgate’s England squads for Euro 2020 qualification. He looked likely to make the Euro 2020 squad in my opinion.

Additionally, Nemanja Matic’s contract was set to expire at the end of the season. And at 31 years old, his best days as a defensive midfielder looked past him.

In my humble opinion, Declan Rice could have been the long term replacement, especially as United’s transfer strategy appears to have changed in recent times, with the signings of highly rated British players like Daniel James, Aaron Wan Bissaka and Harry Maguire as first hand evidence.

However fair play to Nemanja for recovering some of the form that saw him as one of the world’s best defensive midfielders in a dominant Chelsea side.

After a good run of form, he was able to secure a contract extension with Manchester United until 2021, with there also being a possibility of a further lengthening.

This in my opinion has halted Declan Rice’s chances of joining United, as the defensive midfielder slot appears to be sorted for the next few years, with Scott McTominay also able to play there if needed.

That doesn’t mean Rice won’t join a top club in the next transfer window, as Chelsea are also rumoured to be interested.

It’s just the potential of a United transfer looking unlikely which prompted me to take him off of my watch list for the moment.


Final Note

Anyway, I hope this post has been an eye opener into the Bruno Fernandes spectacle. A price rise like that was really great to see even as a non-owner. Hopefully we get to witness more rises like these on the platform in the near future.

To conclude, this Bruno Fernandes case study shows that the media still has a big part to play on this platform.

Especially now with the lack of football, it’s clear to see that having one or two media players in your portfolio can be a good move, and that adapting to the changing market climate can also serve you well.

If you enjoyed this analysis, you’ll be pleased to hear we’ve got a lot more where that came from at the Index Scholar Academy.

It’s a website dedicated to analysing player performances so that you can save time doing all the gruelling research and make your own judgements using the information that we provide.

We discuss both the positives and the negatives of every player that we evaluate, so you won’t just be getting the same old regurgitated pumps from a social media tipster.

So, check out the Academy for yourself with our 7 day risk-free trial.

We’ve got a Football Index beginners course and a trading strategy course available for immediate viewing, along with detailed player performance scouting and PB star ratings for the majority of footballers in Europe’s top 5 divisions.

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