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Football Index Performance Buzz: The Beginners Guide to Match Day Dividend Success

With all the major European leagues back in action – albeit without fans at this moment in time – our Football Index trading attention is beginning to turn towards the highly regarded performance buzz players capable of frequently winning match day dividends.

This is after a strange conclusion to the last season, which saw the Bundesliga finish first, before the rest of Spain, Italy and England following.

Quite surprisingly, Ligue 1 was cancelled and PSG crowned Champions again on a points per game basis.

Anyway, now that the new season is back in full flow, it’s time to rejig our portfolios once more as we look to take advantage of the generous performance dividends available.

But before I get into that, I’m going to start by explaining what match day dividends are…


How Do Match Day Dividends Work?

In essence, the Football Index evaluates player performance through the use of Opta’s performance scoring algorithm. The players with the highest points for each position on a particular day then receive a match day pay out in accordance with the structure of the dividend table.

You can access the match day standings by heading over to the “Rankings” tab on your mobile device and then selecting the “Match Day” option at the top.

I’ve also provided a screenshot of some important things worth noting below. These are the match day deadlines, the 1.25 multiplier and tiebreaker system.

football index performance buzz - deadlines, multiplier and tiebreak system

Match days are without a shadow of a doubt some of the most exciting days on the Football Index, as you are able to see performance scores updated in real time alongside events that are taking place on the football pitch.

With that being said, let’s take a closer look at how much a trader stands to gain from a performance buzz win…


What Are the Performance Buzz Pay Outs Currently on Offer?

The Football Index have committed to reviewing the dividends on a yearly basis and they stuck to that promise this year.

Despite an arguably underwhelming increase to the pay outs initially, the Football Index released a 2nd review which was much better than the first, with the latter pay outs almost doubling from what was on offer the previous year.

Here’s how this new and improved table looks like:

football index performance buzz - dividend payouts

There are a few significant takeaways to be had from this:

  • A separate goalkeeper performance buzz category has been introduced. Previously, goalkeepers would have had to compete against defenders for match day dividends.
  • Echoing on the above, goalkeepers are now very lucrative area of the market to tap into as there fewer players competing for dividends in this category than any other
  • A 100% increase to performance buzz dividends on bronze and silver match days and a 75% increase for gold match days


How Do Players Accrue Match Day Points?

As previously mentioned, players earn match day / performance buzz points for performing positive actions on the Opta-powered scoring matrix.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what the matrix awards points for…

football index performance buzz - scoring matrix

The biggest point gains come from things like:

  • Scoring goals (45 points)
  • Team wins (18 points)
  • Game winning goals (35 points)
  • Assists (20 points)
  • Last man tackles (20 points)

So, it obviously stands to reason that the players who are able to consistently complete the above actions successfully will score higher than other players on the matrix.

However, metrics like pass completion and crosses also contribute to good performance buzz scoring.

We shall look into that a little later…


Who Are the Best Performing Match Day Players?

Statistically speaking, Lionel Messi won the most performance buzz dividends (£1.23) from August 2019 to September 2020. The top 5 was rounded out by Kevin de Bruyne (£0.84), Ever Banega (£0.83), Joshua Kimmich (£0.76) and Neymar (£0.73).

There are quite a few data providers that offer performance buzz player history, which can be quite useful as you will get to discover the players with a good track record for winning performance buzz dividends.

Based on my past experience on the platform, if I was to rate the top performance buzz players for each playing category apart from goalkeepers at this moment in time (in no particular order), the list would look like this:

Defenders – Sergio Ramos, Trent Alexander Arnold, Marquinhos

Midfielders – Toni Kroos, Joshua Kimmich, Bruno Fernandes, Kevin de Bruyne, Josip Ilicic, Rodrigo de Paul

Forwards – Lionel Messi, Neymar, Robert Lewandowski, Paulo Dybala, Cristiano Ronaldo, Memphis Depay

The majority of the players that I’ve listed above also have one thing in common – set piece duties.


The Set Piece Taker Advantage

Being the primary set piece taker gives some of the aforementioned players an advantage over others when it comes to competing for performance buzz dividends.

By downloading the set piece takers spreadsheet,​ you'll receive:

  • A comprehensive list of the designated penalty, free kick and corner takers from every first division club in Europe's top 5 leagues; allowing you to make informed purchases based on verifiable data...
  • A reliable list of alternate set piece takers (backed by available data) who are likely to assume responsibility in the absence of the primary taker; giving you a head start over other traders when it comes to finding the alternatives...
  • Email notifications at certain stages of the season highlighting any changes to a club's set piece takers; which means you can sit back and watch the football knowing that Index Scholar will monitor the top 5 European leagues for you...

Taking free kicks from short or long range as well as having corner kick responsibility allows these players to generate greater crossing and long ball numbers, which are awarded points on the scoring matrix.

Finding a player who takes corners, free kicks and penalties is a rarity as there are only a handful of players across the entire database who take responsibility for all three duties.


Picking a Club for Performance Buzz

The performance buzz eligible competitions can be seen in the image below:

football index performance buzz - eligible competitions

Only teams that play within these leagues are capable of winning performance buzz dividends when they are available.

Now then…

Earlier on in the article, I hinted at statistics like passing completion and crosses playing a part in a good performance buzz score.

I’m going to talk about this point a little bit more now…


Style of Play

When it comes to selecting a club for performance buzz, you need to consider the teams that dominate possession on a regular basis. This is because the midfielders and defenders from these teams are able to rack up decent scores for performing some of the simpler actions on the matrix.

According to Football Index Analysis in this article, Manchester City were the best club best suited to winning performance buzz dividends as they had a 102.3 PB points per game average.

Although this data was collated a while ago and may need to be updated accordingly.

But looking at the verdict from a stylistic perspective, the data makes sense.

Manchester City employ possession-based football where attacking moves are expected to be built right from the goalkeeper.

More so, Pep Guardiola’s past use of inverted full backs meant that Zinchenko was able to generate high performance buzz scores as his role involved coming into midfield to aid the team in retaining possession.


League Playing Schedule

Another point (although less important) is the fixture schedule of the league that the club plays in.

A great example of this is the French league – Ligue 1.

Olympique Lyon sometimes play league games on a Friday night which is usually a bronze match day. With much less competition as opposed to a more lucrative silver or gold match day, it becomes easier to pick out a player likely to win performance buzz on this day.

It is precisely why Memphis Depay’s price is likely to fall with a move to Barcelona.

This is because a transfer to La Liga will see him competing for performance buzz dividends with more teams as Barcelona often play on the Saturday or the Sunday, as well as the fact that Lionel Messi still monopolises set pieces at the club.

On the other side at PSG, Neymar stormed to a top forward win very recently on a Friday game as his side won 6-1 against Angers, by scoring a brace and getting an assist.

As you can see, even though these are the lower paying bronze days, they are much easier to win as there are fewer teams competing.


Final Thoughts

It’s time to get your portfolio into gear!

With the football matches coming thick and fast as a result of the bumper to bumper fixture schedules across Europe, it’s a great time to start looking for those players who are most likely to win this lucrative dividend.

After all, the Football Index have raised the rewards significantly whilst prices haven’t surged in line with the increase – mainly as a result of the order book complications.

Go and take advantage, but as always, trade responsibly.

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Samuel Waihenya is 24 years of age and has been trading on the Football Index for the better part of the last 6 months. He's made mistakes and learnt plenty along the way, such that he is now fully confident in his trading. As a result, he seeks to help others make the most out of this fantastic platform that does in fact offer financial returns that are "too good to be true" :)


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