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The Best Football Index Podcasts You Should Listen To

Last Updated on April 15, 2021 by Samuel Waihenya

These past few weeks, the Football Index trading market has been turbulent to say the least.

With the eagerly anticipated launch of sell offers taking effect, and the generous IPD offer kicking into full gear, player prices have fluctuated wildly – causing huge jumps and drops in people’s portfolio values.

Lots of you reading this will be familiar with “Brown Sunday”, an event which saw a massive collapse in player prices pretty much across the board.

It was quite a shock for many, myself included, as the prices of players like Bruno Fernandes, Harry Kane, Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford, Neymar and Mbappe absolutely tanked for a brief period before recovering.

I mean just take a look at some of the carnage over here!

Most experienced users will agree that despite the prevalence of trading opportunities all over the platform at moment, the game that we’ve grown accustomed to loving has become even more challenging.

Traders have to keep up with the growing raft of changes that Football Index towers are implementing.

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Just to recap, we’ve had quite a few notable developments in recent months:

The growing raft of Football Index content available on social media and on the official company channels means there’s so many options for us traders to choose when it comes to the news we read and the advice that we wish to take.

Podcasts have served as an effective delivery method of crucial information for Football Index traders ever since the platform’s rise to popularity.

In this post I simply wish to highlight the best Football Index podcasts and give credit to the people producing some of the most interactive and informative Football Index content available on the web.

First off we have…


1. FIGCast – Football Index Guide

football index podcasts - Football Index Guide
Football Index Guide

Football Index Guide – commonly referred to as FIG – has perhaps been one of, if not the most consistent Football Index content creators.

Hosted every Thursday and Sunday at 7 pm, FIG has been offering useful insights and helping traders develop their own portfolios by taking questions from the general Football Index Twitter community and pitching them to experienced traders on the platform.

Grab A Copy of the Player Price Movement Guide!

Discover 13 of the most common factors influencing player prices on the Football Index, so that you can make more informed and confident trades!

What I found quite staggering is that his podcast is sat at over 1 million downloads!

In addition to this startling fact, the FIGCast is consistently in the top 200 UK sports charts on iTunes and Spotify.

The content on show is of the highest quality, and with his unique access to those at the top of the Football Index organisational hierarchy, he is also able to organise exclusive podcast episodes with the man himself – Adam Cole!

Next on the list is…


2. Football Index Weekly Podcast – John Nellis

This one was formerly known as the High Wide and Handsome Podcast.

As a result of feedback from his listeners and as part of his own rebrand, John Nellis renamed it as the Football Index Weekly Podcast and created a separate podcast for Footstock exclusive content.

John offers his listeners content that is straight to the point, catering to both sides of the trader spectrum with regard to user experience.

It’s a podcast that is good for a few laughs as well, as John’s light heartedness means each episode is full of entertainment and bite sized nuggets of knowledge in equal measure.


3. Football Index Club Daily Podcast

Football Index Club is another website that offers plenty of trading advice, along with highlighting players who have potential to rise in price in future.

Another part of their core offering is the database which can be used to view upcoming fixtures and for comparative analysis.

Grab A Copy of the Player Price Movement Guide!

Discover 13 of the most common factors influencing player prices on the Football Index, so that you can make more informed and confident trades!

With a popular membership service, they pride themselves in providing customers complete satisfaction with results that outstrip overall market growth.

The podcast episodes are often half an hour long and mainly serve to provide simple updates on the various changes going on in and around the Football Index market.

And finally, we have…


4. The Round Table Podcast

The Round Table Podcast is a weekly show that covers market trends and attempts to uncover the reasons for price rises and falls in popular players.

It also provides analytical player overviews that take into account variables such as tactics, statistics, and player potential.

This podcast was launched quite recently and as a result of this, their catalogue is not nearly as extensive as the aforementioned podcasts, all of whom have recorded over 80 episodes.

But it is growing quickly!


Last Words

Football Index podcasts are becoming increasingly popular as a way to distribute news and analysis due to their easy-to-listen nature.

With iTunes and Spotify you can easily tune in even when you’re on the move, which as I’m beginning to find out, is becoming increasingly important with the ever increasing developments that cause the money tides to turn ever so quickly on the platform.

We’ve also got a service offering that you might like…

It’s called the Index Scholar Academy.

Inside the Academy we’ve got a Football Index beginners course and a trading strategy course available for immediate viewing, along with detailed player performance scouting and PB star ratings for the majority of footballers in Europe’s top 5 divisions.

If you want to take your Football Index trading experience to the next level, you can sign up for a risk-free 7 day trial here.

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Samuel Waihenya is 24 years of age and has been trading on the Football Index for the better part of the last 6 months. He's made mistakes and learnt plenty along the way, such that he is now fully confident in his trading. As a result, he seeks to help others make the most out of this fantastic platform that does in fact offer financial returns that are "too good to be true" :)


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