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Football Index Team of the Month Dividends: How Traders Can Benefit from Them

The Football Index recently added a different dynamic to the platform with the introduction of team of the month pay-outs.

Lots of traders on Twitter, Slack and the official forum were crying out for this addition due to the frustration at how difficult it is for a player to frequently win performance dividends, particularly on a gold match day.

Now however, traders stand a greater chance of accumulating dividends as the team of the month is geared towards rewarding longer term performance; and it also adds value to the players who often fall marginally short of 1st place on matchdays.

Let’s take a deeper look now at what these dividends are all about…


What are Team of the Month Dividends?

At the end of every calendar month, the Football Index will pay out dividends to the 11 players with the highest total of their top three performance buzz scores for the month.

So, for example, if Lionel Messi played four games in a month and scored 160, 240, 320 and 90 points in each, his team of the month score would be the sum of his first three scores (720) as these are the three highest.

Each playing category will receive a number of pay-outs, as follows:

  • 1 goalkeeper
  • 3 defenders
  • 4 midfielders
  • 3 attackers

As you can probably make out from the list above, the team of the month will sit in a classic 3-4-3 football formation.

This means that midfielders have more places for pay-outs above all the other categories, with the goalkeeping category only having one pay-out position available.

And here is how the team of the month dividends are structured…


Team of the Month Positional Pay-Outs

With the top three forwards, top four midfielders, top three defenders and the top goalkeeper for the calendar month each receiving a pay-out, it’s important to know how these dividends are distributed.

football index team of the month dividend payouts

As you can see, there is:

  • 5p available for the top goalkeeper
  • 10p available for the top defender, midfielder and forward
  • 15p total each allocated to defenders and forwards
  • 16p total allocated to midfielders

And perhaps most importantly, these dividends are paid out on the second working day of the following month.


Share Eligibility for Team of the Month Dividends

As with all dividends on offer on the Football Index, there are specific cut-off times (deadlines), beyond which any shares purchased will not qualify for dividend pay-outs.

With in-play dividends, pay outs are given for the first 30 days that you own a share, whereas with media dividends, the deadline is 4 pm.

Now for team of the month dividends:

All Shares bought before 23:59:59 London Time on the 21st of each month and held until the end of that month will be eligible to win Team of the Month Dividends.

Football Index

Hopefully the quote above answers that question!


Where to Track Team of the Month Standings

The Football Index themselves have stepped up to the task of collecting the data for the team of the month, which they publish and update regularly via their dedicated team of the month landing page.

Here’s an image showing how the standings look like on their website…

However, the Football Index aren’t the only ones keeping tabs with this area of the market.

Index Gain – as part of their premium offering – have a fantastic team of the month report which lists previous team of the month winners.

The spreadsheet also indicates the amount of times they’ve won the dividend, the amount of games they played that month, as well as data that has been extrapolated over previous seasons to predict who would have won these dividends in the past.

And now for everybody’s favourite part…


Team of the Month Player Recommendations

A Football Index article is rarely ever complete without a set of player recommendations by the author.

We have already had two pay – outs of this dividend so far for the months of August and September (for the latter see video below).

History can be a useful indicator when it comes to predicting future performance, but when it comes to team of the month dividends, I believe that the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

To increase our chances as traders to qualify for the highest pay-outs available, we should be looking at holding players who have a good track record of hitting peak performance buzz scores on the matrix.

By downloading the set piece takers spreadsheet,​ you'll receive:

  • A comprehensive list of the designated penalty, free kick and corner takers from every first division club in Europe's top 5 leagues; allowing you to make informed purchases based on verifiable data...
  • A reliable list of alternate set piece takers (backed by available data) who are likely to assume responsibility in the absence of the primary taker; giving you a head start over other traders when it comes to finding the alternatives...
  • Email notifications at certain stages of the season highlighting any changes to a club's set piece takers; which means you can sit back and watch the football knowing that Index Scholar will monitor the top 5 European leagues for you...

But that doesn’t mean we should ignore the players who post good base scores either. Remember, the team of the month pays dividends for the 2nd placed, 3rd placed and even the 4th placed player for the midfield category.

Ultimately, my top five picks for each playing category would be as follows:

  • Goalkeepers – Manuel Neuer, Marc Andre ter Stegen, Keylor Navas, Thibaut Courtois, Wojciech Sczcesny,
  • Defenders – Sergio Ramos, Marquinhos, Trent Alexander Arnold, Marcel Halstenberg, Jesus Navas
  • Midfielders – Toni Kroos, Kevin de Bruyne, Joshua Kimmich, Filip Kostic, Josip Ilicic
  • Forwards – Neymar, Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski, Cristiano Ronaldo, Son Heung Min

At the end of the day, the decision rests solely with you. Remember to gamble responsibly.

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About the Author 

Samuel Waihenya is 24 years of age and has been trading on the Football Index for the better part of the last 6 months. He's made mistakes and learnt plenty along the way, such that he is now fully confident in his trading. As a result, he seeks to help others make the most out of this fantastic platform that does in fact offer financial returns that are "too good to be true" :)


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