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Footstock Review 2020 & Generous Sign Up Offer

Last Updated on April 15, 2021 by Samuel Waihenya

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I’ll admit it’s taken me a while to collect my thoughts on my overall Footstock experience.

But having used the betting platform for the past 2 months, I’ve reached a point of clarity and thought it would be great to write a brief review of the product.

Hopefully this Footstock review can help those who are still pondering on the decision to join.

So without further ado, let’s get started. (psst! Click the banner below if you’re ready to jump straight in. With a £20 deposit you’ll receive a generous welcome pack!)


What Is FootStock?

For those of you reading who have visited the blog in the past month, you may be aware that I released a scarily in-depth Footstock explained article on the inner workings of the platform.

So in this post I won’t delve too much into the finer details and I’ll instead offer a brief outline of what Footstock is about.

Footstock combines the different elements of fantasy football, roulette gambling as well as the buying and selling of stocks. The result is a multi-faceted product which appeals to a much broader audience than is normally the case with a traditional sports betting website.

Here’s a brief explainer video which makes things clearer:


How FootStock differs from Football Index

Like the Football Index, users can purchase a stake in a particular player on FootStock and receive performance dividends through good statistical displays on the football pitch in real life.

However, there are quite a few differences across the two platforms:

  • On the Football Index, users purchase virtual shares in footballers which make up the user’s portfolio, whereas on FootStock, the player investment is in the form of Top Trumps style cards and packs which form part of an overall card collection.
  • At the moment, FootStock only covers one competition – the English Premier League. As the company is still in their initial growth phase, they have yet to broaden the base of European competitions that users can purchase player cards from. Although I’m sure that other leagues will be made available once the company has the resources in place to facilitate expansion of this nature. On the other hand, the Football Index allows users to purchase players from numerous leagues across the globe, including but not limited to countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, England and the Netherlands
  • Cards purchased on FootStock are not subject to the 3 year expiry rule which exists on the Football Index, meaning that cards bought can be held for as long as each user sees fit and can be used repeatedly in either of the live or virtual tournaments on offer  
  • FootStock has a fully functional order book system in place, which means that the prices of players are governed by the forces of demand and supply. The users themselves determine the buy and sell prices on the market through the use of buy and sell order functionality. At the Football Index however, only the buy side of the order book system has been implemented as of the time of writing. The matching engine allows users to bid for players at prices lower than the existing buy prices shown.
  • FootStock does not have media dividends unlike the Football Index, which pays out daily dividends to the players that feature at the top of the media standings at the end of each day. Needless to say if you own a player on the Football Index who wins a media dividend on a particular day, you will receive a pay out in accordance with the player’s position in the media standings.

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Platform Features

footstock review - platform features

The platform is split into 6 different components, with each serving a different purpose:

  • Shop – where users can purchase either standard, premium or exclusive packs of player cards;
  • Market – the typical marketplace where buyers and sellers converge to transact between each other. Individual player cards are bought here;
  • Collection – users can see all the cards that they own here and enter roulette tournaments from here;
  • Rewards – this section details each user’s accomplishments, the coupons available to use for tournaments as well as any free stat roulette entries that they have available;
  • Games – where the fun happens! Users can participate in single roulette, roulette tournaments and virtual battles all from here;
  • Tournaments – the fantasy football aspect lives here as users can participate in tournaments that have points awarded to players based on actions that happen in real life and virtual football matches.

I covered each of these components in much greater depth within my Footstock explained article, so be sure to give that a read as well.


Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, the FootStock platform has a fair bit of room for improvement. There are a couple of quality of life enhancements that can be implemented to make the platform more seamless as a whole.

My long standing bugbear has been the tiny “Skip” button on the top right when you click on tournaments that are in progress. I’ve had to press that skip button an ungodly amount of times on numerous occasions in order for it to do what it was intended for. And I don’t suffer from “fat finger syndrome” either!

footstock review - ease of use

Additionally, as users we currently have no way of seeing the pricing history for each player on the platform. Having access to a player’s price over the past year in the form of a graph can help to identify the peaks and the troughs which helps us further evaluate our purchasing decisions as the timing factor then has to be taken into account.

Footstock have said that there are plans to revamp the look and feel of the platform in the near future and judging from the screenshots I’ve seen so far the developments look promising.

However, the company must also be applauded for the good work that they have been doing to better the platform.

Finally users can be able to see the total value of all their tournament coupons put together, making it much easier to keep an eye on the balance without having to go back and forth between the rewards page – which lists all the coupons – and the tournament page.

footstock review - ease of use

Tournament coupons have undergone a name change as well and are now referred to as tournament credits.

They also recently revamped the way card collections are valued, with the collection figure now taking into account the mid-market price – the amount between the sell price and buy price. So for example, if Harry Kane’s sell price is £80 and his buy price is £90, he’ll contribute £85 to a user’s collection value.

This valuation method is fairly consistent across other financial markets who use this as their key indicator, so aligning the collection valuation with the other players in this sector is a progressive move. In the past, the collection value figure used to fluctuate wildly as it was simply based on the last deal price – the price that the card in question was last sold for.

Essentially, a user can now log in to their account and get a more accurate snapshot of the value of their collection, which is a step in the right direction when it comes to ease of use.


User Experience

Having been on the platform for 2 months, I can say that the customer support from the FootStock team has been nothing short of excellent. Any queries that I have had within that time frame have been responded to swiftly.

I therefore cannot find any fault their timely approach to supporting their user base based on my personal experience with them so far.

And although I haven’t withdrawn any money myself just yet, withdrawals appear to be very prompt  – often taking less than 2 days to arrive in the bank – judging from the comments that I have seen across social media and the official slack channel.

The two owners – Oliver and Till – are also active in the company’s Slack channel, responding to users and engaging with the community regularly, which means it’s very easy to get in touch with the top brass should you have any concerns.

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Platform Security

When it comes to investing in things online, one of the most important factors an interested party will consider is whether their hard earned money is safe in the hands of someone else.

Users can rest assured that their money is being safeguarded.

The German based company is fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

footstock review - platform security

As you can see from the image above, they are in compliance and do not have any sanctions levelled against them. This is good as it shows that they are following the rules and regulations that have been set out by the governing body.


Investment Potential

For a platform that is still in its initial growth phase, the returns that have been made by myself and others have been incredible!

If you haven’t signed up to the platform yet, you can grab their welcome pack and get started with trading today by clicking the banner below:

The introduction of virtual tournaments was probably the springboard that led to multitudes of new users for the company. That growth spurt has expectedly slowed down now as a sense of normalcy is slowly returning to the real world with the worst of the coronavirus now appearing to be all but behind us.

There was a considerable market dip as people banked their profits after a period of sustained growth. Some were even said to have left the platform as part of a “take their money and run” approach.

However, I’m personally all for diversification and will be looking to up my Footstock stake as the months go by. You always hear of the saying “never hold all your eggs in one basket” and I think it’s a good mantra to follow as you never know what could happen further down the line.

As the market matures, it will obviously be harder to make a quick buck, but Footstock is quite far from that point at the moment, having only launched in 2019.

You only need to take a look at the return on investment that the Football Index early adopters made for you to see that there is still a tonne of untapped investment potential in this market, if it follows a similar growth trajectory.


Footstock Review: A Final Verdict

On full reflection, I can say that Footstock have an amazing football betting product on their hands. Their receptiveness to feedback from their customer base and their efforts to continuously tweak and improve on their platform makes them a progressive start up that’s on the right path to establishing a foothold in this space.

Comparisons are beginning to be drawn between themselves and the Football Index, with the former know being seen as an “alternative” or as “strong competition” to the latter.

It remains to be seen how closely the two companies will battle it out for this portion of the market, although I am firmly of the opinion that both of these companies can co-exist and thrive.

Over the past couple of weeks there appears to be a growing divide between both platform’s sets of followers, with constant bickering about which of the two is better than the other.

Without going into further detail, it does all get quite tedious after a while.

But I’m still largely in positive spirits as I’m fairly sure that these are exciting times for the future of sports betting as a whole.

So if you’re not yet on Footstock, you can click on the banner below to take advantage of the welcome pack that offer. As always, gamble responsibly.

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