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Index Gain Review 2021: A Comprehensive Evaluation

Last Updated on March 3, 2021 by Samuel Waihenya

Earning dividends through player performances on the pitch is one of the main things that sets the Football Index apart from traditional sports bookies.

Even if the players in your portfolio aren’t able to “bring home the bacon” on those lucrative weekend gold match days, your bet simply rolls onto the next weekend.

And, provided you keep hold of the shares for 3 years, you are always in with a chance of recouping your initial investment and more.

The rewards on offer really give added importance to performance buzz scouting.

Before the emergence of data providers, it was quite difficult for traders to track the individual performance scores of players across the Football Index.

You probably had to create a bespoke solution like a customized spreadsheet where you would manually insert performance buzz scores for the players that you were monitoring over each weekend.

By downloading the set piece takers spreadsheet, you’ll receive:

  • A comprehensive list of the designated penalty, free kick and corner takers from every first division club in Europe’s top 5 leagues; allowing you to make informed purchases based on verifiable data…
  • A reliable list of alternate set piece takers (backed by available data) who are likely to assume responsibility in the absence of the primary taker; giving you a head start over other traders when it comes to finding the alternatives…
  • Email notifications at certain stages of the season highlighting any changes to a club’s set piece takers; which means you can sit back and watch the football knowing that Index Scholar will monitor the top 5 European leagues for you…

From the aforementioned example you can pretty much visualize how time intensive it would be to analyse scores across Europe’s performance buzz eligible leagues.

But it didn’t take long for index Gain to fill the data gap, and they have been able to create a service offering that makes tracking player performance buzz scores simple and stress free.

So, in today’s article I’m writing up a comprehensive Index Gain review that breaks down what the data provider has to offer.

But before I deliver the Index Gain review I’m going to talk about a few things that a trader should think about before investing in a subscription to a data provider.


Things to consider before subscribing to a data provider

It’s important start this section by pointing out that different traders are at different points along their respective their Football Index journeys.

For platform beginners who are still “learning the ropes”, I would recommend taking a look at the free data options first before looking to get more granular with the paid offerings.

This is because if you’ve just developed a basic understanding of performance buzz and the scoring matrix, you’re unlikely to have the slightest idea about how to make use of some of the advanced statistical instruments that are prominent on the paid data providers, such as:

  • Expected dividends analysis (xDivs);
  • Performance buzz max (PB max)
  • Advanced overs analysis

Therefore, I would suggest checking out the Football Index Data Centre first.

It’s great for the basic things like comparing price changes, historical dividend winner history and prospecting player dividend potential in the upcoming fixtures.

And another alternative to the data centre is Footy Index Scout, which has a similar feature set and is also free of charge.

On the other hand, for the more seasoned traders, paying an amount of money for a data provider that’s roughly equivalent to the monthly cost of a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription is no good if you’ll not be able to eke out most, if not all, of the benefits of the service offering.

With Netflix, a person would use the level of entertainment value or the depth and breadth of the content offering as a way of justifying the price that they pay for the monthly video on demand subscription.

With a data provider, the principle is more or less the same.

By downloading the set piece takers spreadsheet, you’ll receive:

  • A comprehensive list of the designated penalty, free kick and corner takers from every first division club in Europe’s top 5 leagues; allowing you to make informed purchases based on verifiable data…
  • A reliable list of alternate set piece takers (backed by available data) who are likely to assume responsibility in the absence of the primary taker; giving you a head start over other traders when it comes to finding the alternatives…
  • Email notifications at certain stages of the season highlighting any changes to a club’s set piece takers; which means you can sit back and watch the football knowing that Index Scholar will monitor the top 5 European leagues for you…

As traders, the starting point here would be to look for a service that gives customers several data points to dissect, as well as one that provides multiple ways to interpret the numbers via different types of statistical reports.

But before you part with your well-earned cash, you need to think about a couple of things…


Your budget

How much money do you have to commit towards using a data provider?

“Subscription-creep” is something that is easy to fall into if you’re signed up for a number of different monthly payment plans – as the convenience of automatic renewals leads to larger cost accumulation over time.

In the long run, you’ll realise that all those separate monthly payments cost a lot more than if you just chose to limit yourself to a yearly payment for a single provider.

So, my verdict here would be to set aside an amount of money for a yearly or semi-annual subscription to a single data provider that you can afford to foot the cost for, as opposed to paying separate monthly amounts for two or more providers.


Your availability

Another question you would want to ask yourself is how much time you have within your day, week or month to set aside for player research.

After all, if you’re too busy with work or other life commitments to keep up to date with your Football Index portfolio, then you will probably not be able to make the most out of a subscription to a paid provider as you wouldn’t have the time to utilise the feature set.

With all that said, I’m now going to begin the Index Gain review, starting with a brief summary of what the data service is all about.


Index Gain overview

Index Gain are a data provider who have a partnership with Opta Sports – one of the world leaders in sports data.

They use Opta’s data feed to provide a bespoke data solution for Football Index traders that consists of interactive analytical reports for player research.

In addition to this, they use the Slack app to provide users with notifications of player prices, spread changes and portfolio tracking via a tool called BuzzBot.

And the icing on the cake is their community of over 10,000 traders, which means customers can share their opinions on players as well as dissect various trading strategies with a like-minded user base.  

In fact, Football Index Guide – one of the most popular content creators for the platform – published an informative video that details exactly what the complete Index Gain offering comprises of.

Check it out:

What’s more is that they cater to different trader demographics.

Beginners have the option of creating a free Index Gain account, which affords them trader community access through Slack and a chance to utilise some basic research tools such as:

  • Player statistics
  • Fixture analysis
  • Historical dividend winners
Index Gain Review - Pricing

On the other hand, the seasoned traders have the choice of signing up for monthly (£8.99), quarterly (£23.99) or semi-annual subscriptions (£44.95), that comprise of all the features present as part of the free offering, in addition to a whole host of advanced research tools that I will talk about later in the article.


  • Their service offering caters to both beginner traders and veterans
  • Great flexibility with regard to the variety of payment plans available for premium members
  • Premium members can cancel their subscription at any time, with no long-term contract commitment
  • Users can do their Football Index player research whilst on the move via the Slack mobile application
  • The complexity of the reporting tools can be slightly difficult for new users to grasp, particularly for those that are not familiar with using the Slack mobile application
  • The monthly price point is fairly expensive, especially when you consider the cost of the premium data alternatives


Index Gain features

In the next section of this Index Gain review, I’m going to dig deeper into some of the core features of the service, explaining how each feature works and why it’s important in terms of the benefit it provides.

So, let’s begin…


MyIG portfolio management tool

This is a fantastic element that Index Gain recently added to their core offering.

The dashboard which is only available for premium members gives them the ability to view their Football Index portfolio in real time and track valuation movements over 1 day, 3 days and a week.

With this tool, users can also filter and sort their portfolios using criteria such as:

  • Player age
  • Player position
  • League
  • Short-term, medium-term and long-term price change time frames

Index Gain have also been able to emulate the Football Index by providing their customers with a watchlist manager which allows users to keep an eye on players that they intend to buy in the future.

Index Gain Review - Feature 1
Source: IndexGain

What’s even more impressive with this is that once a player is added to that watchlist, you also receive automatic price alerts for those players via the Slack app, which means you can keep track of significant dips whilst on the go, and without having to log into the Football Index app each and every time.

Index Gain also provide their customers with the option to understand how their own portfolios are distributed in terms of playing positions, ages, leagues and player ranks.

Index Gain Review - Feature 2
Source: Index Gain

This is quite handy as you’re able to see at a glance whether your own portfolio is geared too lightly or too heavily towards certain types of players

And in addition to the colourful portfolio weighting charts, Index Gain have a so-called ‘Player Universe’ dashboard under MyIG that showcases the entire Football Index player database, together with allowing for the filtering and sorting players by criteria such as widest spread or price movements within the last 10 minutes.

Index Gain Review - Feature 3
Source: Index Gain


Opta match statistics for players and teams

This section is all about finding the best statistically performing players on the Football Index as well as the undervalued gems who are not on everyone’s scouting radars.

Premium members have a choice of multiple BuzzPro reports from 8 performance categories, as you can see in the image below:

Source: IndexGain

So, for example, you can use the player base scores report to find players who are able to frequently accumulate a high level of performance buzz points without including points for match actions like goals, assists, game winning goals and clean sheets.

Ultimately, this part of the offering enables members to easily analyse stats without having to use third party websites like Understat and WhoScored, or mobile applications like SofaScore.

It also delivers information on historic dividend winners for both media and performance buzz, making it the complete all-in-one package.


Player research and price movement mobile alerts

This feature is what sets Index Gain apart from the rest.

Users can type in a series of commands in the Slack app, after which the Football Index data robot – called BuzzBot – presents them with a list of data depending on what the search criteria was.

BuzzBot is able to keep you up to date with price movements for players that are a part of your trading portfolio and it can provide you with mobile notifications whenever a player you own exceeds a certain price increase/decrease percentage threshold.


What users say about Index Gain

This Index Gain review wouldn’t be complete without hearing the opinions of those that are currently using the service.

As a former premium member, I can personally attest to the quality of the service as I really enjoyed the exclusive match day channels on Slack as well as trawling through some of the Opta reports to find undervalued players.

So, I scoured the web for some reviews of the service and here are some of my findings:

BuzzBot is an incredibly useful tool to research possible player buys.

Now BuzzPro has came along and taken the site to the absolute next level and beyond. This site is built BY traders FOR traders and is my absolute ‘go to’ place for research.

Football Index Futures Trader

And BlackWolf  – the well-respected trader who was one of the pioneers of the new and thriving Discord Forum – had this to say:


Index Gain alternatives

Now, the aforementioned consumer reviews naturally lead me onto some of Index Gain’s competitors…

…. More specifically, Football Index Edge.

Source: Index Edge

They have a service offering which is similar to that of Index Gain, in the sense that members can view historic dividend winners and analyse player performance with detailed reports.

But they don’t provide members with price change notifications via the use of automated software.

Instead, they focus on weekly data spreadsheets that offer a wealth of player performance data points.

Price wise, they are cheaper than Index Gain as you can get a monthly membership for £6.99.

For much more information about their service offering you can read their review here.

In summary, the market for premium data providers is dominated by the duo of Index Gain and Index Edge, who both have access to Opta’s costly data feeds.


Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Index Gain is able to solve trader’s needs for data transparency.

We want to see beyond the Football Index performance buzz scoring charts present on the official app, as our focus lies underneath those numbers with emphasis on the different ratios, percentages and integers used to indicate and forecast the dividend earning potential of each player we hold.

Index Gain premium members can make the most of the advanced reporting tools to amplify their Football Index return on investment through honing in on the top performers and finding the hidden treasures before the rest of the market catches wind of them.

Their service is fully responsive on both desktop and mobile devices, and they provide quite a bit of text and visual documentation to help users get to grips with using the reports.

If you like the sound of Index Gain as a whole, you can sign up for an account here to get started today.

Before you go, you might want to check out one of our own product offerings called the Index Scholar Academy.

It’s a website dedicated to analysing player performances so that you can save time doing all the gruelling research and make your own judgements using the information that we provide.

We discuss both the positives and the negatives of every player that we evaluate, so you won’t just be getting the same old regurgitated pumps from a social media tipster.

Here’s a behind the scenes video detailing what the Academy has to offer:

So if you like the look of it, try it for yourself with our 7 day risk free trial.

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