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July 13


Juventus Transfer Reliability Guide

Last Updated on July 13, 2021 by Samuel Waihenya

The Turin club have benefitted massively from the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2018, although the impact has largely been off the field as opposed to on it.

Juventus’ social media following and general fanbase numbers went through the roof with that major acquisition, which has resulted in many more people taking a keen interest on the club’s transfer dealings by following popular journalists and media outlets.

I’ve sought to give these people a further helping hand by outlining the top journalists for Juventus transfer reliability, which can be easily seen in the table below…


Juventus transfer tier of reliability

NameMedia Outlet / CountryTier RankingReliability Rating
Official Club Sourcewww.juventus.comTier 0
Romeo AgrestiItalyTier 1
Fabrizio RomanoItalyTier 1
Gianluca Di MarzioItalyTier 1
BBC SportUnited KingdomTier 2
Alfredo PedullaItalyTier 2
Sky SportsItalyTier 2
Gazzetta dello SportItalyTier 3
Corrierre dello SportItalyTier 3
L'EquipeFranceTier 3
RAI Sport-Tier 3
Mediaset-Tier 3
TuttosportItalyTier 4
TuttomercatowebItalyTier 4
CalciomercatoItalyTier 4
La RepubblicaItalyTier 4
MARCASpainTier 4
ASSpainTier 4
Don Balon-Tier 4
Daily StarUnited KingdomTier 5
The MetroUnited KingdomTier 5
The SunUnited KingdomTier 5
Daily MailUnited KingdomTier 5
Tancredi PalmeriItalyTier 5
Twitter ITKsN/ATier 5


Ranking adjustments

To begin with, Fabrizio Romano has had his tier and rating decreased from 1 and 4.5 stars to tier 2 and 3.5 stars respectively.

This is largely due to the fact that I wanted to make an important distinction between the likes of Romeo Agresti and Di Marzio who are currently the most dependable sources for Juventus transfer stories.

Another thing I’d like to note is that there are two new inclusions for tier 2.

These are Paulo Aghemo and Antonio Barilla from Sky Sport Italia and La Stampa respectively.

Other changes simply involve fleshing out the tier list a little more with more journalists from media sources like La Gazzetta dello Sport, Mediaset and Tuttosport.


Is Gianluca Di Marzio reliable?

As I previously mentioned, Di Marzio is incredibly trustworthy when it comes to Juventus transfer news.

He has contacts within the Turin club which enables him to remain accurate when he publishes stories as his reference points are actually people within the Juventus organisational hierarchy.

Even though his general reputation has taken a slight hit over the last couple of years – along with Fabrizio Romano’s own rise to prominence – he is still pretty much spot on for Juventus and on the mark for Italian clubs in general.

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