Put plain and simply, the Football Index can be a minefield!

Hundreds upon hundreds of different footballers of differing ages and nationalities are available to buy and sell at any given moment. Therefore it can be a bit of a pickle correctly predicting the players who will significantly increase in value over the course of a given time period.

To add to that, there are so many factors influencing player prices on the platform that you’d be forgiven for misjudging certain players and their footballing trajectories a fair few times!

As more and more traders join this fantastic platform, there will of course be even more winners as significant sums of money will be invested over the next few years. However, there will also be a growing amount of losers. You won’t often hear about them though, as not many people like to talk about trades they made which went spectacularly wrong (think along the lines of a £2 per share loss in a player aged 30 or older).

This is why we need to be informed as traders and continue to learn about the Football Index. This gives us the best possible chance to avoid falling into the money wormholes.

And so the idea for Index Scholar was born.

After hearing about the Football Index platform via a TalkSport radio advertisement at work, I was soon dumping in a tenner here and a tenner there to “test the concept” so to speak. Could I possibly make good profit on a topic that has been close to my heart for years?

It sounded too good to be true, it really did.

But after a few weeks in, a few larger deposits and a fantastically timed dividend increase announcement from the Football Index team (thanks a bunch!), I was roughly £400 up from when I first started. It was euphoric to say the least!

I’ve learnt so much during my 6 months as a trader, and having experienced quite a few difficulties along the way, I felt I can offer a lot to the Football Index community with regard to content. There’s so much to learn about the Index and it can’t all be written in one article or posted on a single forum thread.

As a Digital Marketer by profession, the ability to combine my passion for content creation with my love for the beautiful game and making money on the Football Index was simply too good an opportunity to turn down 🙂

So if you’re hungry to learn about Football Index, Index Scholar will be here for a long time – health permitting. Hopefully for myself and the readership it will be a long and profitable ride!

If you’ve read all of that I’m sure you’re itching to build your knowledge. Go ahead and visit the blog!