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A Comprehensive List of the Best Football Index Data Providers

They say data is beautiful.

When used correctly, data driven insights can transform strategy and bring about great results.

This is usually also applicable to businesses in other industries, not just the footballing world.

However, we are all here for the football, right!?

Yes we are!

When it comes to scouting for Football Index talent, plenty of traders are keen to find the players with the best set of statistics behind them.

We use the data to make trades that have high expected return, be it in the form of performance buzz dividends, media buzz dividends or capital appreciation.

After all, this is how we profit!

And so in this post, the bulk of the legwork has been done for you.

I’ve compiled a list of the best football index data providers – both the paid for ones and their free counterparts.

So let’s take a look at the options we can utilise to make data driven trading decisions on the Football Index.

Here we go…


How can we possibly talk about football index data providers without first mentioning these guys?

IndexGain really provide an amazing service. I can personally endorse them as I’m signed up to their premium membership which has a ton of great features.

Here’s a brief video outlining what they offer…

It’s important to clarify here that Index Gain does offer a free service.

In the free plan, traders get access to basic BuzzPro reports which allow you to track the following:

  • Basic Football Index stats
  • Past dividend winners
  • Upcoming fixtures by match day type (although this plan doesn’t include their fixture difficulty indicator)

As a free member, you also gain access to IndexGain’s Slack channel where you can chat with over 5000 like-minded traders and discuss football and Football Index related events.

They’ve also thrown in price change alerts every 60 minutes for the free plan, meaning that you can set up alerts and be notified whether particular players have risen or fallen in price on the hour.

Pretty neat for the free plan I must say.

But the premium plan is where it’s at!

Here are some of the most awesome features included within it…

Advanced BuzzPro reports

With these Opta powered reports, you can track average performance buzz scores, dividend wins, peak scores and even do side by side player comparisons.

There are 25 of these reports available within their members area, and every report can be filtered using various criteria such as player age, team, player position, player price among other factors.

As an example, they recently launched their latest report – the media buzz report.

This gives members the ability to view the players who average the most articles in a day among a number of other uses.

Fixture difficulty planner

With the fixture planner, you can find out which players or teams have the easiest or toughest set of fixtures within a particular timeframe.

They utilise a number of metrics to decipher the easiest / toughest fixture schedules.

This feature is useful particularly for those who tend to buy players for their potential to win in play dividends.

By downloading the set piece takers spreadsheet,​ you'll receive:

  • A comprehensive list of the designated penalty, free kick and corner takers from every first division club in Europe's top 5 leagues; allowing you to make informed purchases based on verifiable data...
  • A reliable list of alternate set piece takers (backed by available data) who are likely to assume responsibility in the absence of the primary taker; giving you a head start over other traders when it comes to finding the alternatives...
  • Email notifications at certain stages of the season highlighting any changes to a club's set piece takers; which means you can sit back and watch the football knowing that Index Scholar will monitor the top 5 European leagues for you...

Portfolio tracking

IndexGain give you the freedom to monitor the risers and fallers within your own portfolio, and you can set up personalized price alerts to help ease with the management of the buying and selling process.

I remember one instance when Ever Banega – who currently plies his trade with Sevilla – was announced to be leaving the club at the end of the season to join Saudi Arabian club Al Shabab.

This was bad news for any holders as his price began to fall within minutes of the news breaking.

With IndexGain’s price alerts tool, huge losses could have been avoided as premium members who owned shares in Banega would have received a slack notification on their phones indicating that his price was beginning to fall.

This allowed those quick and able to respond to the news to instant sell before the spreads where massively widened by the Football Index risk team, thereby exiting the trade before others learnt of the news!

I recall that notification saving some premium members a decent amount of money as they instant sold before his price fell drastically.

Exclusive slack channels

Premium members also gain access to the much more active premium match day and premium chat channels, which are very useful for receiving quick goal alerts and match updates.

There is also exclusive access to an IPO channel where announcements and discussion of new IPOs takes place. See the screenshot below for a visual…

football index data - indexgain slack channel
Image courtesy of Slack

Price point

A monthly premium membership is £8.99 a month and a semi-annual membership (for 6 months) is £44.95 a year.

All in all, an IndexGain membership – be it free or paid – provides very good value.

Now let’s take a look at an IndexGain alternative…

Football Index Edge

These guys also provide the Football Index community with a data service.

Some of the standout features include…

Historical dividend winners

Just like IndexGain’s facility, traders can view the players that won performance buzz and media buzz dividends in the past.

Although this is something that pretty much every data provider offers, it can’t be underestimated how useful the ability to view accurate scores of past winners can be.

New traders who are just beginning to understand the main dividend concepts can make great use of data on the past winners.

I personally attest to this, as this is data that I used to decide on a small part of my initial portfolio.

In my first set of purchases, I sought out a few reliable performance buzz players like Dani Parejo, who was one who stood out to me as a frequent winner in the past (disclaimer: I no longer own Parejo having sold for good profit).

Note: If you’re a fairly new trader struggling with the platform basics, have a read of this article and bookmark it. You’ll thank me later 🙂

Match day scores database

This huge database gives traders the ability to view any player’s match day score for the current 2019/20 season as well as seasons under the old scoring matrix.

You simply select a player on the database and the player’s individual game stats will be automatically generated.

Here’s a few screenshots from their website:

Media scores analysis

This feature has a very sleek looking dashboard…

football index data - media scores analysis
Football Index Edge – Media scores dashboard

It essentially covers media buzz and showcases historic media scores for players on the platform.

One nifty thing I saw here was that they provide an expected media dividends estimate.

And I quote:

“Expected Media Dividends are an estimate of how much each player has won in dividends based on all their historic media scores in filtered date range. For example if a player obtains a media score of 700 on a given day their expected media dividend return would be 2p for that date as that is approximately the average return from a score of that size. We do this to help clean the data and help you to assess which players have been lucky/unlucky in the media dividends they have received in the filtered date range you select.”

Football Index Edge – Media Scores Analysis

Football Index Edge also has a number of other dashboards and tables like a peak scores dashboard and a match day master table.

So many different types of data one can analyse using their service making it another great paid option.

Price point

A monthly premium membership is £6.48 a month and an annual membership is £60 a year.

Now let’s move onto the final paid option…


These guys are behind the Twitter account that posts Football Index market capitalisation statistics. They tweet stuff like what’s shown below and are quite informative.

What they offer is a service that allows you to monitor your portfolio history and compare yourself against the market to determine whether you’re actually beating the market.

A subscription comes with a multitude of features:

  • Logging reasons for purchasing – so you can be reminded exactly why you purchased a player
  • Target sell – you can set a target selling price for each player in your portfolio, helping you to manage your own expectations
  • Beat the market – a comparative analysis of your own portfolio’s returns against the Football Index market returns
  • Analysis – covers things like portfolio performance, dividend analysis and the risk profile of your own portfolio

More detailed information is available on their website.

Price point

Funnily enough however, their website doesn’t indicate how much it costs to use their service!

I’m not sure if this is just a massive oversight or intentional.

They do however indicate on their homepage that they are offering a 50% off coupon code for the first month of service.

So I’m guessing that this service costs something, I’m just not sure how much and it isn’t made clear anywhere on the website.

I’ve got in touch with their customer service team and I’ll update this post with pricing once I hear back from them.

Quite bizarre that!

UPDATE: I received a quick response from them stating a monthly subscription costs £3 a month or £2.50 if paid quarterly (which works out to £7.50 every 3 months).

Now let’s cover the free options available…

Footy Index Scout

For anyone who’s not looking to spend a penny on football index data, these guys are a great choice.

They provide a bunch of great features, some of which are included in the paid plans of other providers!

The list below highlights their most notable features:

  • Historic media buzz winners
  • Historic performance buzz winners
  • Performance buzz statistics

In addition to historical player performance and media buzz scores, they also track the team performance when it comes to performance and media buzz, so you can easily see which teams produce the dividend winners for performance and media.

With their performance buzz statistics feature, a trader can easily see a player’s historic performance buzz stats, dividend yield and their current injury status.

For example, in the screenshot below, Mohammed Salah’s last five performance buzz scores are shown, as well as his top five scores and the number of past performance buzz and star player wins.

football index data - performance buzz stats
Image courtesy of Footy Index Scout

One important thing to note is that Footy Index Scout doesn’t take into account the share split event – that took place on the 26th of March 2019 – in its historic dividend return calculations.

So the dividend return figures shown will differ from those on IndexGain, who do take share split prices into account and are therefore more accurate as a result.

For a free option, Footy Index Scout is very good and I highly recommend it. It was the first data provider I used before signing up to IndexGain.

Final Recommendation

If you’ve read until the end you know exactly who I root for (I’m unashamedly biased haha 🙂 )

IndexGain all the way if you’re after a paid football index data provider.

Footy Index Scout if you’re content with a free alternative.

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About the Author 

Samuel Waihenya is 24 years of age and has been trading on the Football Index for the better part of the last 6 months. He's made mistakes and learnt plenty along the way, such that he is now fully confident in his trading. As a result, he seeks to help others make the most out of this fantastic platform that does in fact offer financial returns that are "too good to be true" :)


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