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Match Day Extra Dividends: The New Football Index Pay Out Explained

Last Updated on April 21, 2021 by Samuel Waihenya

So, the Football Index made a big call at the start of the new year by taking the abrupt decision to scrap the in-play dividend pay outs.

It was an announcement that myself and many others were not entirely happy with, partly due to the fact that little consultation took place before they once again made changes to our active bets.

In addition to this, the 30-day notice period for their removal showed the Football Index community how quick the corporate leadership will be to attempt to fix things affecting their financial bottom line.

This is arguably in stark contrast to their snail-paced approach towards improving the technicalities of their own platform and alleviating our own concerns as traders.

But with the dust having settled slightly, I thought it would be a good time to discuss the dividend that has stepped in and perhaps, indirectly, replaced the payments for goals, assists and clean sheets.

So, let’s have a look, now shall we?


What are Match Day Extra dividends?

The Football Index has decided to award pay outs to the top 6 non-winning game week scores for each of the defender, midfield and forward playing positions, with a similar pay out given to the top 2 non-winning scores for the goalkeeper category.

It sounds a bit complicated in theory, but in practice it’s actually relatively straightforward to understand.

The tweet embed above provides a better visualization.

So, you have 20 players in total receiving a match day extra dividend on a game week basis – 2 goalkeepers, 6 defenders, 6 midfielders and 6 forwards.


How do Match Day Extra dividends work?

This dividend can be summed up as Football Index’s first attempt at creating a tiered performance buzz pay out.

I say this as it essentially rewards the players on the platform who are often close enough to winning, but ultimately fall short of the top prize on match days, as all the winning scores are excluded and don’t qualify for this pay out.

Still a bit confused?

Let me make this clearer with a specific example.

Say you buy Hoffenheim’s Andrej Kramaric 30 minutes before his first match of the upcoming game week.

He then goes on to display his typical goal scoring touch and nets a hattrick as his side thrash Werder Bremen in a 5-0 win.

Kramaric scores a tidy 280 PB points, which wins him match day dividends as the top forward and star player.

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This score does not get added towards Match Day Extra because he won performance buzz dividends already – the new Match Day Extra pay out excludes winning scores entirely.

And then on another night within the same game week, Hoffenheim have a midweek Wednesday fixture against Schalke which they win by a solitary Kramaric goal.

This time, he gets 159 PB points and finishes 3rd in the match day scoring charts for forwards.

His score of 159 will be used at the end of that game week to determine whether he falls within the top 6 places for strikers that didn’t win performance buzz dividends.

After 2 days have passed, we then find out after all the games for the particular game week have been completed, that Kramaric finished 5th in the Match Day Extra standings for his forward category.

In this instance, he would be awarded a Match Day Extra dividend payment for that game week.

Hope that explains it!

One important thing to note is that, as I have illustrated in the Kramaric example above, some players can have 2 opportunities to place for Match Day Extra dividends within a game week if their team is in action twice.


How much are the Match Day Extra pay outs?

Now I’m sure many of you reading this must be wondering…

…How much are the pay outs?

Well, to be quite blunt, the dividends on offer here are a measly 1p per share.

Match Day Extra Dividends - Pay Out Table

This is no doubt a far cry from the amounts that in play dividends had to offer, particularly for things like goals from defenders which were 4p per share, and more so with braces and hattricks for midfielders and forwards at 4p and 6p per share respectively.


Benefits of Match Day Extra dividends

There are none!

Jokes aside, word had been going around across social channels that suggested in-play dividends had to be ejected because they were costing the company too much money, due to the sheer size of the pay outs being made to traders.

What’s more is that they were also said to apparently be stifling capital appreciation across the market due to the nature of recycling shares for re-eligibility, with the latter said to be adding undue downward pressure on player prices.

Now personally, I’m all for the Football Index safeguarding their financial future, even if it means the dividend structure has to be slightly re-adjusted to accommodate for lower commissions and fewer share minting opportunities for Football Index across the market.

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But the manner in which they handled the communication of the announcement to remove the in-play dividend mechanism was very poor to say the least.

Nonetheless, we have a new – albeit less rewarding – way of making money on the platform so I won’t complain too much.

If I was to sum up the main advantages of the new win mechanic, it would have to boil down to these:

  1. Your performance buzz “close shaves” now have a chance of winning a dividend pay-out, whereas before you could have a player finish 2nd with a score of 280 points and end up with not a single penny for that showing. Despite the fact that it’s only 1p per share, it is better than zilch!
  2. There is no longer a need to recycle shares because of a 30-day expiry to keep up with eligibility for pay outs, and long term holds acquired before the announcement qualify for this dividend without having to be renewed
  3. Regular dividend earners are provided with an extra performance buffer, particularly in the case that they fall marginally short of the mark for the fiercely contested gold match day dividend rewards

And that’s really all there is to this new dividend.


Frequently Asked Questions

So, I’ll wrap up the article now with a couple of answers to frequently asked questions that traders are having with this new pay out.


What are the specific timelines regarding the length of a game week?

Game weeks on the Football Index run from Friday morning (12 am) to Thursday night (23:59) of the following week.


Where can I see the latest Match Day Extra dividend standings?

You can keep up to date with the latest scores on Football Index’s own dedicated webpage.

Looks a bit like this at the moment:

Match Day Extra Dividends - Latest Standings

Alternatively, if you’re involved on Twitter, you can give Twitter user Fresh Milk a follow as he posts regular updates on the standings.


Is there a share eligibility deadline for Match Day Extra dividends?

It is quite simple.

To be eligible, you must purchase shares in players before their match kicks off and you have to hold those shares at 23:59:59 on Thursday at the end of the game week.


Which competitions are eligible for Match Day Extra dividends?

This pay out follows the same competitions as performance buzz dividends.

So, Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Champions League and Europa league fixtures all count towards the tallying.


Can a player win Match Day Extra dividends multiple times?

This is possible.

As long as the player has non-winning scores that are in the top 6, they can win Match Day Extra dividends as many times as possible over the course of a season, although they are not able to win two separate 1p pay outs in a single game week.


Which player wins Match Day Extra dividends in the event of a tie?

A tiebreaker is put in place for scenarios such as this.

The younger footballer (by way of age) will win the pay out if there is a points stalemate.


Does the 1.25 multiplier count towards dividend tallying?

Yes, the multiplier will apply to Match Day Extra dividend tallying.

This gives a considerable advantage to players whose teams participate in competitions like the Champions League and Europa League, as the multiplier is usually in play for footballers participating in these fixtures.


Final Thoughts

Match Day Extra dividends look to be here to stay for the foreseeable future.

The hope here is that they bump up the pay outs to amounts that are worth trading for – like say 3p and above.

Otherwise, based on the lack of trading activity taking place at the moment, the Football Index are going to have to start thinking about bringing in something else in order to stimulate the platform and get the rockets back on course.

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