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April 11


Media Madness: Football Index’s Current State of Play

Last Updated on April 15, 2021 by Samuel Waihenya

Okay so I’m a bit late to the party on this one!

By now you’re probably aware in one form or another that the Football Index kicked off their media madness promotion.

However, if you’re sitting in the clueless camp on this I’ll give a brief walkthrough of what the media party entails…

Defining the media madness Football Index promotion

This appears to have been another contingency plan launched by the Football Index team in the absence of our beloved beautiful game.

In essence, the top 5 media spots up for grabs will receive a media dividend at the end of each day until the 30th of April, as opposed to the usual top 3 in the media standings.

media madness football index - new payouts
Source: Football Index

So for example, if you owned 100 Jadon Sancho shares, you could be looking at up to £5 in media dividend pay outs each day.

Simple enough to understand right?

If not, don’t despair.

I’ve written up a very detailed resource which explains every concept on the Football Index.

Well worth the read.

Anyways, with all that being said, it’s looking quite lucrative to own the big media hitters for this period as reports suggest that we look to be quite a while away from the football returning.

This was clearly the case with the Double Dividends period which saw significant yields for the top media performers…

However, that won’t stop us speculating and looking ahead.

Casting our eyes into the future

With Germany looking to be the first league to resume service, it makes sense to highlight a few of the talents that may be worth a look in, taking into account the following factors:

  • Game time
  • Age
  • Euro 2021 involvement
  • Transfer speculation
  • Media magnetism

I’ve highlighted these 5 factors because working in unison they greatly increase the likelihood of a particular trade turning out as a success.

We ideally want to buy players who tick all of these boxes. With greater likelihood of either expected dividends or expected growth in price, we can be fairly sure that capital appreciation will be nice and steady.

So let’s take a look at 3 potential purchases for this period, one from each playing category.

Lukas Klostermann (£1.21*)

The 23 year old has enjoyed a great season so far with RB Leipzig, having played an important role in the club’s path to their first ever Champions League quarter final.

Playing as a traditional right-sided full back or wing back at club level, Klostermann has had to deputise as a right sided centre back in a back three for a number of RB Leipzig’s recent games because of long term injuries to Ibrahima Konate and club captain Willi Orban.

And he’s done a commendable job of it.

The stats below show that the team kept a total of 4 clean sheets from the 10 games he started as a centre half (starting 17th December 2019).

Taken from Transfermarkt

In this stretch, the team picked up 4 wins, 5 draws and a single loss. It’s also worth noting that 2 of the draws came away at Dortmund and Bayern, two very strong sides.

He also looks threatening when it comes to performance buzz as he’s got a commendable PB base of 88.44 and averages 46.81 passes a game (stats compiled from IndexGain).

When he scores a goal, there’s a good chance of him being in and among the top defenders provided the defence keep a clean sheet. And with RB Leipzig progressing to the next stage of the UEFA champions League, he could be a prime contender if the games do get played.

At 23 years of age, he’s got tremendous scope to improve as a player which bodes well for his price on the index.

Coupled with the fact that he’s already featuring in Germany’s starting eleven and the rumours which were swirling about a Bayern Munich move that could be on the cards, he looks good for Euro 2021, transfer speculation and media involvement in the future.

Now let’s have a look at the midfield category…

Kingsley Coman (£2.25*)

The Frenchman appears to be one of the standouts here. At a share price of £2.25*, a player of his calibre looks cheap in my view.

He bears a similar sort of profile to Serge Gnabry who at this moment in time is trading at £4.56*!

It feels like he’s been around for so long already but he’s still only 23! Having won the league title in every country that he’s played in, Kingsley can be said to have achieved his fair share of sporting accolades already.

The knee injury he suffered against Tottenham in the Champions League looked to be keeping him out of action for a long while.

But with the corona virus curtailing sporting events for the foreseeable future, he hasn’t missed out on as many games as was initially feared.

With Bayern Munich back in training, and Coman being seen on the training pitches at Saebener Strasse, it looks like it may not be very long before he’s able to showcase his talent once more.

Despite the fact that he appears quite injury prone, Coman also appears to be attracting suitors as Barcelona were recently rumoured to be looking at him as an option if either of the Lautaro Martinez or Neymar deals don’t come to fruition.

Although this is primarily based on a what-if scenario, a what if conversation is what we’re looking for as the media stories will bring about the dividends.

You only need to look as far as Bruno Fernandes for an example of this playing out remarkably.

He also looks set to tick the Euro 2021 box provided he can stay fit, having featured heavily in Didier Deschamps’ starting eleven for the qualifying matches.

And lastly…

Andre Silva (£0.97*)

At a ripe 24 years of age, the Portuguese international currently plies his trade with Eintracht Frankfurt, as he’s on a 2 year loan deal away from his parent club AC Milan.

He was very highly rated when he signed for AC Milan from Porto, but his career hasn’t really kicked into gear until now.

He’s managed 3 attacking returns in the last 5 games (1 goal, 2 assists) and could garner a decent amount of transfer speculation this summer when he returns to Italy.

However it must be said that his playing time has appeared sketchy this season, having started only 8 times out of 19 games, making the bench on 4 occasions.

As an aside, the striker has managed to win performance buzz in the past and if he can keep up the good performances when the German league resumes, he could get even more starting opportunities. This would put him in good stead for the Euros next year as well as help to ramp up interest in him for the transfer window.

And at 97p, he fits the profile of a good IPD striker with the German league set to be the first to resume. If he were to pull off a sneaky performance buzz win as a bonus, you’d be looking at very good returns from the investment.

Final Word

We could be looking at a prolonged media period with not much football in sight.

It therefore makes sense to gear our portfolios towards the media giants but at the same time, also keeping an eye out on some of the talents who could be looking at transfer moves in future and playing prominent sporting roles at Euro 2021.

*Prices accurate at the time of writing

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Samuel Waihenya is 24 years of age and has been trading on the Football Index for the better part of the last 6 months. He's made mistakes and learnt plenty along the way, such that he is now fully confident in his trading. As a result, he seeks to help others make the most out of this fantastic platform that does in fact offer financial returns that are "too good to be true" :)


    • Wow I didn’t realize he had a recent position change! In that case it does make him even more appealing as there’s less players competing for PB in the FWD category. He stands a greater chance of winning divs now.

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